Come play in the fields of improvisation and poetry. Shake the dewdrops of possibility from the web of your imagination.

No experience necessary.

Improvoetic licenses will be issued

Improvoetic licenses will be issued

Blend, merge and nurture your talents in writing and performing. We use improvisation exercises as a springboard for creating poetry and employ writing practices for use in spoken and non-spoken improvisations. Participants learn spontaneous techniques to use as writing-block releases and for poetic inspiration. Poems written on the spot will be used to invent scenes and characters. This workshop will enhance any prior knowledge as well as create new pathways for expression by using the whole body as both a tool and a toy to liberate your imagination!

Meet your Improvoerty leaders…

Alice Teeter photo by Dana Kemp

Alice Teeter photo by Dana Kemp

Alice Teeter has written poetry since she was in the fourth grade. She believes in using Chance and Play as inspiration for writing.

Lesly Fredman photo by Dana Kemp

Lesly Fredman photo by Dana Kemp

Lesly Fredman is managing and artistic director of Theatre on the Prowl and teaches improv classes at the drop of a hat. She counts Alice as one of her most playful pupils. Lesly is also a Certified Laughter Yoga leader and has her own creativity coaching service, Presence.

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Elephant Girls by Alice Teeter“As I read Alice Teeter’s Elephant Girls I imagined a calliope playing in the background and every once in a while a bass drum interrupting with a clap of thunder. Wonderfully engrossing sounds, images, deeps and highs. A truly enjoyable book of poems.”

—Lewis Turco, author of The Book of Forms and The Familiar Stranger

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