Alice’s Poetry

One Variation on a Theme


She walked out one night

to take the trash out

and never came back.

Somehow between the door

and the garbage can

she stepped out of line.

She wanders somewhere

with garbage in her hand

exchanging glances with

the trash men

and picking up bottles

no deposit

                             no return.

She had a beige childhood.

Everything. Her mother dressed in beige.

Her mother dressed her in beige.

Beige ribbons, beige smocks, beige panties, beige socks.

Beige bedspread, beige walls, beige stationery, beige halls.

Only the bathroom was green.

She loved the bathroom going in and

staying for hours.

Consequently her beige mother soon ordered her

not to go into the bathroom

unless she absolutely had to.

She couldn’t lie.

So she drank plenty and lots of water

and a few times of flooding her beige panties

convinced her mother.


All the pink has left the sky, except for a strand or two.

The street lights have started to glow a deep, fluorescent blue.

Grey clouds fly — with streaks of green —

and blue beyond and blue between.

Moth caught

moth caught

in fine lace curtains

fluttering all day long


window open

straight it flies

like knowing

a place to go

yet after a day of living

so many things are changed

Heart String Theory

What is this place in my heart

that vibrates to the sound of your voice?

Was it always there, a long cord embedded

in the wall of the chamber waiting to pull free,

set to moving, glistening red and thrumming?

Or did it form out of thin air? Your voice spoke,

the vibration turned to this gut-wound string

and spanned this space now open and singing.

When a heart wakes up — when the ice has broken — when the fire is flowing

What is it that sounds — what is it that pulls — that vibrates?

What is this place in my heart that sounds to the ring of your voice?

Midnight — After the Ball (1994)

After they danced

the bold and daring prince

turned into a shy and timid frog

declared love and sat.

After they kissed

the brave and beautiful princess

turned into a tiny bird

sang nervously and fled.

She walked through the door 

looked around


“wait a minute”

and turned around to leave

but the door wasn’t there anymore

Television Regret Poem

I have missed days

with wind

dancing on its edges

Everlasting Chocolate Cake Haiku

Physicists eat cake.

Each takes one half with each bite.

Cake lasts forever.

Wood Chip Pile 

Earthworms congregate,

termites raise young.

It seems a wet ruin

but the center is dry as bone.