Artists, Friends, Creatives

Lesly Fredman
Igniter of creativity, passion, and art

Elise Witt
Global, Local & Homemade Songs

Coffee with Hallalujah
Hallelujah Spiritual Art Pilgrim! Coffee with Hallelujah is a blog about how each us can open up to our own CREATIVE possibilities EVERY day, NO MATTER what! If you have time for COFFEE, you have time to CREATE.

Dana S. Kemp

Spencer Moon

Shipp On Art

Jason Snape

Theatre on the Prowl
Theatre on the Prowl seeks to produce original and selected works of social significance.

Glen Lopez
Photographer & Designer

Joanne Hammil
Performer, songwriter and educator

Topp Twins
The Topp Twins are New Zealand’s well-loved musical and comic duo.

Peter Meinke
Retired Professor Emeritus, Eckerd College, and Poet Laureate of St. Petersburg, Florida

Lewis Turco
Professor Emeritus of English Writing Arts, SUNY College at Oswego.


Alternate ROOTS
Intersection of Art and Activism

Oriental Medicine Options – Sarasota, Florida
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Artist Conference Network
“The Artist Conference Network is a kind of miracle space for gifted fools. It is a place to take on doing things you don’t know how to do. It is a structure for living your dreams. It is an environment of informed generous acknowledgement, where making up stuff precedes the production of results, and there’s a bunch of folks there who know what it took and celebrate with you…” – ACN Founder Beverly Cassell, MFA, Painter


Elephant Girls by Alice Teeter“As I read Alice Teeter’s Elephant Girls I imagined a calliope playing in the background and every once in a while a bass drum interrupting with a clap of thunder. Wonderfully engrossing sounds, images, deeps and highs. A truly enjoyable book of poems.”

—Lewis Turco, author of The Book of Forms and The Familiar Stranger

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