Elephant Girls by Alice Teeter

Elephant Girls by Alice Teeter 2015

My new book Elephant Girls has just been published by Aldrich Press in California. I’m very excited about this collection and I appreciate your support and encouragement. Book release party information coming soon.

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“Alice Teeter’s poetry is accessible, but full of underlying longing, mysterious meanings, and playful musing. Her poems have a unique style: easy to read, specifically visualized with a strong narrative thread—but with a dreamlike clarity.” —Peter Meinke, former director of Eckerd College’s Writing Workshop, and Poet Laureate of St. Petersburg, FL

“Need magic & mystery? Apply within…” —Dan Veach, founder and editor, the Atlanta Review, Atlanta, Georgia

“In her wonderful and strange and wonderfully strange new collection, Alice Teeter writes about eros and myth, about humor and loss . . . In poems that are limpid and joyful, Alice Teeter shows both a mastery of craft and a gift of sustainment.”
—Mike James, author of Elegy in Reverse and Past Due Notices

“As I read Alice Teeter’s Elephant Girls I imagined a calliope playing in the background and every once in a while a bass drum interrupting with a clap of thunder. Wonderfully engrossing sounds, images, deeps and highs. A truly enjoyable book of poems.” —Lewis Turco, author of The Book of Forms and The Familiar Stranger

“Imagination, compassion, wit, and wisdom volley in Teeter’s Elephant Girls . . . These poems bear witness to dreams that pester daylight even as realities unravel dreams. Part oracle, part trobairitz, Teeter reminds us of the unknown in the known, the quiet mystery of the ordinary.”
— Melissa Dickson, author of Cameo and Sweet Aegis; Medusa Poems