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Alice Teeter is a Lecturer in Poetry at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. She studied poetry at Eckerd College with Peter Meinke. Her chapbook entitled 20 CLASS A was published in 1975 by Morningstar Media, Tallahassee, Florida. Her collection of poems entitled String Theory won the Georgia Poetry Society’s 2008 Charles B. Dickson Chapbook Contest, judged by poet Lewis Turco and her book When It Happens To You . . . was published in 2009 by Star Cloud Press.

Teeter co-leads Improvoetry workshops with actor/director/creative coach Lesly Fredman, using improvisation techniques as poetic inspiration and poetry as a springboard for further improvisation. She is a member of Alternate ROOTS, a service organization for artists doing community-based work in the Southeast and is also a member of the Artist Conference Network, a national coaching community for people doing creative work.

Teeter works as a graphic production artist and lives near Stone Mountain, GA with her partner Kathie deNobriga. To contact Alice, click here.

Mountain Mother Poems by Alice Teeter


In poems both mythic and marvelous, Alice Teeter traces a difficult journey between an adult child and a mountain mother. Her book captures the mystery of the mountainside as well as the rocky rift between generations. Each poem is a brilliant path “worn smooth,” seeking to “find another way” to express the universal dilemma of being a child of the earth. Many unexpected gifts await in this finely fretted book.

– Amy Pence, author of Armor, Amour, Ninebark Press


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Elephant Girls by Alice Teeter

Elephant Girls now available

As I read Alice Teeter’s Elephant Girls I imagined a calliope playing in the background and every once in a while a bass drum interrupting with a clap of thunder. Wonderfully engrossing sounds, images, deeps and highs. A truly enjoyable book of poems.

—Lewis Turco, author of The Book of Forms and The Familiar Stranger

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When It Happens To You by Alice Teeter

When It Happens To You

They’re strong, passionate poems… The love poems are plangent, beautiful and somehow painful… these poems [are] alive and pulsing with human feeling unmediated by anything outside the experience they convey…

—Rhina Espaillat

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What People Are Saying About Alice's Poetry

Alice Teeter’s poetry is accessible, but full of underlying longing, mysterious meanings, and playful musing. Her poems have a unique style: easy to read, specifically visualized with a strong narrative thread—but with a dreamlike clarity.

Peter Meinke

former director of Eckerd College's Writing Workshop, and Poet Laureate of St. Petersburg, FL

…a personal style of writing that is instantly recognizable as uniquely hers… [the collection] is at base ambiguous… but simultaneously clear and concrete… there isn't a poor poem, or even a mediocre one…

Lewis Turco